KPI Solutions

KPIs are a set of tools to help measure the business performance on achieving specific goals.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a set of tools to help you measuring your business performance on achieving specific goals.  


KPIs allow you evaluating the progress of an individual, a business unit or organization for a particular activity.  This solution provides a better understanding on how capable, defined and measurable are your processes, helping reduce operational risks.

Who can use KPI’s Solution:

  • Hospitals administrators
  • Deans
  • Call center managers
  • Manufacturing process managers
  • Sales managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Human resources managers
  • Banking directors and analyst
  • Government administrators, and more


Added Values

  • Improves tracking and monitoring of processes
  • Early recognition of potential issues
  • Optimization on time management to improve product or service Go-To-Market
  • Helps identify areas that may need improvement to achieve high quality service
  • Provides a quantitative value on achieving goals success versus cost ratio
  • Provides a consistent and real time measurement tool in project execution
  • Improves employees’ productivity by showing clear objective metrics



  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Government
  • Banking
  • Insurance


Use Cases-Example on Performance Measurement

  •  Healthcare 
    • Bed readiness rate
    • ER patient waiting time
    • Treatment cost
    • Patient satisfaction
    • inpatient vs outpatient ratio
    • Capital expenditure growth rate
    • Cost per discharge
    • Discharge process time


  • Human Resources
    • Average sourcing cost per hire
    • Average number of training hours per employee
    • Compensation cost as a percentage of revenue
    • Average performance scores of departing employees
    • Female to male ratio
    • HR headcount
    • Staffing timeframe per hire
    • Average employee longevity


  • Education
    • Average admission test scores
    • Federal funding compliance
    • Faculty members vs. student ratio
    • Minority groups ratio, students per faculty
    • Graduate per high demand work field