Going beyond simple server consolidation, Oracle VM server virtualization is designed to enable rapid enterprise application deployment and simplify lifecycle management. 


  • Manages the physical Oracle VM Servers and can, for example, reboot or rediscover the physical hardware.
  • Creates and configures server pools.
  • Creates and manages Oracle VM Server logical networks, for example, NIC port bonding, and configuring VLAN networks.
  • Creates and manages storage repositories.
  • Manages resources, including ISO files, virtual machine templates, virtual machine images, and virtual machine assemblies.
  • Manages the virtual machine life cycle. This includes creating virtual machines from either installation media or from templates, starting, logging in, shutting down, and deleting virtual machines.
  • Imports, clones and migrates virtual machines.
  • Performs load balancing of virtual machines in server pools.
  • Manages jobs in the Oracle VM environment.
  • Manages policies such as High Availability, Distributed Resource Scheduling, and Distributed Power Management.
  • Fully integrated enterprise management from disk to applications to cloud
  • Rapid enterprise application deployment with Oracle VM Templates
  • More than 100 prebuilt Oracle VM Templates ready for deployment
  • All Oracle applications are fully certified on Oracle VM
  • No licensing costs, affordable enterprise quality support
  • Free to download and distribute

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