Oracle Linux provides the latest innovations, tools, and features that enable you to innovate, collaborate, and create solutions across traditional, cloud-based, and virtual environments. Providing advanced scalability and reliability for enterprise applications and systems, Oracle Linux delivers truly open cloud with great performance and is used in all x86-based Oracle Engineered Systems. Oracle Linux is free to use, free to distribute, free to update, and easy to download.


Key Benefits:

Best enterprise Linux: Since launching UEK almost 18 months ago, Oracle Linux has leap-frogged the competition in terms of the latest innovations, better performancereliability, and scalability.

Complete enterprise Linux solution: Not only do we offer an enterprise Linux OS but it comes with management and High Availability (HA) tools that are integrated and included for free. In addition, we offer the entire "apps to disk" solution for Linux if a customer wants a single source.

Comprehensive testing with enterprise workloads: Within Oracle, 1000's of servers run incredible amount of QA on Oracle Linux amounting to 100,000 hours every day. This helps in making Oracle Linux even better for running enterprise workloads.

Free binaries and errata: Oracle Linux is free to download including patches and updates.

Highest quality enterprise support:Available 24/7 in 145 countries, Oracle has been offering affordable Linux support since 2006. The support team is a large group of dedicated professionals globally that are trained to support serious mission critical environments; not only do they know their products, they also understand the inter-dependencies with database, apps, storage, etc.

Best practices to accelerate database and apps deployment: With pre-installed, pre-configured Oracle VM Templates, we offer virtual machine images of Oracle's enterprise software so you can easily deploy them on Oracle Linux. In addition, Oracle Validated Configurations offer documented tips for configuring Linux systems to run Oracle database. We take the guesswork out and help you get to market faster.

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