Oracle MySQL Cloud Service is built on MySQL Enterprise Edition and powered by Oracle Cloud, providing an enterprise-grade MySQL database service. It delivers the best in class management tools, self service provisioning, elastic scalability and multi-layer security.


MySQL Enterprise Edition

Dramatically Reduce Database TCO by 90%

MySQL Enterprise Edition delivers 90% TCO savings over proprietary alternatives like Microsoft. First, MySQL Enterprise Edition totally eliminates up-front licensing costs. This enables you to eliminate a significant capital expense item, and reallocate the budget. Second, MySQL Enterprise Edition delivers major ongoing savings in operational expenses because of its proven reputation for ease-of-use and low-administration.

Organizational Agility

IT departments need to be agile to deliver new applications and functionality faster. Scale-out architectures based on the LAMP stack and MySQL Enterprise Edition enable you to get applications and services to market faster. For example, some of the largest telecom organizations are using MySQL to deliver new services to mobile customer in weeks vs. waiting months to deliver major software upgrades.

Security and Strong Data Protection

Because guarding the data assets of corporations is the number one job of database professionals, MySQL offers exceptional security features that ensure absolute data protection. In terms of database authentication, MySQL provides powerful mechanisms for ensuring only authorized users have entry to the database server. MySQL Enterprise Firewall guards against cyber security threats by providing real-time protection against database specific attacks. MySQL Enterprise Audit provides an easy to use, policy-based auditing solution that helps organizations implement stronger security controls and satisfy regulatory compliance. And MySQL Enterprise Encryption provides encryption, key generation, digital signatures and other cryptographic features to help organizations protect confidential data. Finally, online backup and recovery allows for complete logical and physical backup as well as full and point-in-time recovery.

Cloud Computing Leadership

Startups and large organizations alike are rapidly adopting cloud computing for both new and existing workloads, benefiting from reduced capital expenses and improved business agility. As the world's leading database for Web-based applications, MySQL has become the most popular open source database in the Cloud. Leading SaaS companies including Workday, Zendesk and NewRelic rely on MySQL. Cloud computing providers such as Amazon, Google Cloud and Rackspace are powered by MySQL. And MySQL is the default database in OpenStack.

Modernize your IT infrastructure

The proven LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) offers organizations key advantages including lower cost of operations, improved reliability and performance, better quality and higher security. Many of the world's most agile companies including Facebook, Google, Twitter and Uber run their most demanding applications on the LAMP stack.

Cut Downtime and Deliver on SLA Commitments

MySQL Enterprise Edition is a unified offering that includes world-class enterprise database software and support to ensure your database applications are continuously available. With the MySQL Enterprise Monitor your DBAs get insight into the service levels you are providing and are proactively alerted to any potential problems that could interfere with your production systems. This enables you to enforce global SLAs across your entire enterprise, so your customers won't experience any disruption.

Scale your IT Infrastructure Incrementally

The world's fastest growing web properties including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Ticketmaster, Uber and YouTube are using MySQL, open source software and commodity hardware to economically handle 10x annual traffic growth and millions of users. Scale-out architectures provide the flexibility to add capacity on an as-needed basis, eliminating the need for huge up front investments in software and hardware. Also, fast growing companies who need to add capacity to their existing database applications, use the proven scale-out architecture with MySQL front-end servers.

Improve IT productivity

The MySQL Enterprise Monitor continuously monitors your MySQL databases and advises your DBAs how to fix problems before they interfere with your business critical applications. As a result, your DBAs spend less time "fighting fires", enabling them to manage more MySQL servers with less time and effort.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The world's most customer focused companies in the ecommerce, retail, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and travel & hospitality industries are using MySQL and LAMP to build web-based self-service applications. These self-service applications empower users to take control and manage their own interaction with the application.

Trusted, Reliable and Ubiquitous

With over 50,000 downloads a day, MySQL benefits from the testing and feedback of its large installed base. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database that has gained the trust of millions of organizations worldwide. Plus, with MySQL, IT departments can choose from a pool of millions of skilled developers, DBAs, and users.

Global 2000 Customers

Global companies such as Bank of America, GE, Lufthansa, and Alcatel rely on MySQL for their day to day business operations. These organizations have put MySQL to the test and have chosen MySQL over other database alternatives for its cost advantage, ease of use, performance, and reliability.

Oracle is World's #1 Database Company

According to DB-engines the world's most popular databases are Oracle and MySQL. Oracle has the largest team of MySQL engineers and you get support from the engineers who develop MySQL Enterprise Edition.

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service delivers:

  • MySQL Enterprise Edition- MySQL Cloud Service provides all the benefits of MySQL Enterprise Edition to deliver the highest levels of MySQL performance, security and uptime.
  • Easy to Use- MySQL Cloud Service provides a simple and user-friendly, web-based console to manage your MySQL Cloud instances. A REST API and command line tool are also available to administrators.
  • Self-service Provisioning- Create preconfigured MySQL databases optimized for performance, and cloud tooling automates database instance lifecycle management.
  • Elastic Scalability- Automated scaling enables users to elastically scale compute and storage resources as well as MySQL replicas.
  • High Availability- MySQL Replication and MySQL Replication monitoring improve application uptime and minimize service disruptions.
  • Multi-layered Security- MySQL Cloud Service offers enterprise-grade security features including network access control, MySQL Enterprise Firewall, MySQL Enterprise Authentication, MySQL Enterprise Encryption & Transparent Data Encryption and MySQL Enterprise Audit.
  • Backup and Recovery- MySQL Cloud Service supports hot, online backup, point-in-time recovery and on-demand snapshots.
  • Best in Class MySQL Tools- Use familiar, best-in-class MySQL tools including MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Query Analyzer and MySQL Workbench to monitor and manage the performance and availability of all your MySQL instances.
  • Unified Cloud Management- Oracle Enterprise Manager users can manage their entire Oracle environment from a "single pane of glass".
  • Oracle PaaS and IaaS Integration- MySQL Cloud Service is integrated with Oracle Public Cloud at both infrastructure and platform layers, providing a seamless experience for application development and deployment.
  • Technical Support Straight from The Source- With MySQL Cloud Service you get MySQL technical support directly from the experts, who are backed by the engineers developing the MySQL products. Additionally, Oracle Premier Support represents a one-stop support solution for both cloud infrastructure and MySQL related issues.

See MySQL Enterprise website for more information.