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Aligning IT and Business
One of the primary objectives of DevOps is to create empathy throughout teams of an organization so that business value is brought to the foreground for all departments, especially IT. Every effort put forth is designed to shorten feedback loops, focus on continuous improvements, and above all, put the needs of the end user or customer before everything else. This line of thinking means higher efficiency towards innovating new products and services and the agility to change on a dime with markets and competition.

Improved Customer Experience And Satisfaction
One of the goals of DevOps is to deliver higher quality software to end users at a faster pace, driving topline benefits around improved customer experience and increased revenue opportunity. The underlying goal is to become more agile and efficient in general, and this spans everything from driving greater productivity out of the IT workforce to subsequent benefits in operating expense, but at the end of the day it all goes back to deepening engagement with customers by creating increasingly useful applications in a more responsive manner. 

Digital Transformation
Every enterprise, in every industry is having to digitally transform the way they operate. This means using innovations in technology (e.g. mobile, IoT, connected cars etc.) to deliver new digital services that enhance customer experience and improve employee productivity.

DevOps is essential to being able to deliver digital services at speed and with quality, and so the bottom-line advantage of DevOps is that it's a foundational element of successful digital transformation.