Power BI transforms your company's data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters. 


You own your data.

Why are you depending on people that don't have your business as their top priority? CRM has some of your sales data. Websites track your marketing and lead effectiveness data. In the past, all of that source data were out of reach for the average small business. Now it's yours. With Power BI, you own the data, you mine the data and you analyze it yourself. Power BI acts like a data translator – which is the foundation of the next two benefits: faster turnarounds and lower costs.

By collapsing the decision timeline, you become more agile.

Being late to the game is the same as being wrong. Business owners succeed when they can immediately identify what is the hot new item or which fads have faded. Trend analysis can act as a good indicator of what's coming next. The answers are in the data, but answers from a year ago are practically worthless. They can even lead you down the wrong path to poor investment of your limited resources.Power BI gives your company a speed boost in capturing the story behind the most recent data. Find out which markets are growing, where demand is strong and where money is leaking from your business. Don't wait for someone else's schedule to open up. You can get your answers when you need them…with no wait time.

Enterprise-level data is yours for free or at a very low monthly cost.

If empowerment and speed aren't enough, there's also the cost savings associated with Power BI. Business owners used to forgo this level of analysis, not because they didn't need it, but because it was priced out of their range or too complicated to operate. You used to need a consultant or an IT pro to collate the data, analyze it, and turn it into visuals that simplified decision-making. Now Power BI can analyze the health of your business in minutes through the free option. Even the Pro version is extremely inexpensive on a monthly subscription schedule instead of a major capital investment, which tends to be more favorable to the fluctuating revenues of SMBs.


For more information visit Microsoft Power BI website.