INGELLICOM's 10th Anniversary

Ten years!  How ten years have passed so fast?

We have reached an important milestone as of December 2016:   we became a strategic business partner of our clients across telecommunications, banking, insurance, healthcare, and state and federal government industries during the last ten years. 

How did we do that?  Counting with the collaboration of a highly-qualified, dedicated team of professionals on a series of IT- and business-related disciplines, working with excellence, side-by-side with our customers.  Our business partners and team have mutually learned from each other along the way.  This has been a wonderful enrichment experience.

That was the reason to celebrate this important occasion, enjoying the pleasant opportunity to share within our team and business partners the joy of our ten-years of accomplishments.  We want to thank this special group of people for their constant support.

There has been a long way, and we have ahead of us a new horizon to make history.   Go, INGELLICOM, Go!


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