Staffing Services

If your company is in a very competitive industry or a niche industry where it’s hard to find qualified candidates, a professional staffing service can give you access to more skilled candidates at lower cost than if you do the recruiting yourself.

A general rule of thumb in recruiting is that the cost of replacing an employee equals half of that employee’s annual salary. That makes a good recruiting process even more important so you can avoid being overwhelmed with recruiting tasks and responsibilities and risk making costly hiring mistakes.

Working with a professional staffing agency that provides professional services brings a higher level of accountability to your recruiting process. A professional service will include Service Level Agreements or specific metrics that you can specify.

In-house recruiting specialists and human resources staff who source and hire employees typically have more than one area of responsibility and can quickly get overwhelmed and burned out. INGELLICOM focus on the areas that you need, such as high-volume technical candidates to build an IT department, or hard-to-find candidates with niche skills you need to build your business.