Corporate Portal and Repository

Corporate Portal is an employee communication hub.


The Corporate Portal and Repository Solution is a combination of Microsoft 365 tools that provides the workforce the capability for managing company communications and critical business information from any device, using a secure cloud-based platform.


The Intranet will enhance communication within your workforce and promote employee engagement. Collaborative tools promotes effective document management, reduce complexity and increase productivity potential.


Who can benefit from the Corporate Portal and Repository solution?

Collaborating teams across an organization in credit unions, banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, information technology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, education and a series of other industries.

Corporate Portal is an employee communication hub. 


Added Values

  • Communication site is a visually-pleasant platform to motivate and keep employees well-informed about company strategies, events and news
  • On-site and remote personnel may access the intranet from anywhere in the world, from their desktop, laptop or mobile
  • Employees may open, review, edit and share documents SharePoint company intranet has seamless integration with other Windows apps to increase workforce productivity
  • Enables efficient teamwork collaboration
  • Keeps confidentially-sensitive company files organized, secure and accessible
  • Grant Intranet access by employee role or department
  • Streamline operations and a productive workforce translates into well-cared returning clients

 Corporate Portal map

Use Cases

  • Publish company-wide important information
  • Collaborate simultaneously in document revision
  • Route documents for approval process
  • Keep an accessible and updated employee contact list



  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Government