Staffing Services

We are working in a fast and continuously evolving IT environment. Therefore, it is constantly needed to find the right specialized skilled resources to execute the work in a consistent and accurate manner. For some companies, it is a burden to find the proper candidate since it is a time-consuming process. INGELLICOM can help you through the whole cycle of identifying, interviewing, and evaluating each potential candidate to provide the ideal talent, helping to decrease cost and the time if you do the recruiting yourself.

We combine both virtual and onsite recruitment techniques, with over 13 years of experience of Staffing services and Human Resources. This enables us to recommend the resource for the right-fit with your IT-related hiring needs. We have perfected the means to have a larger pool of ideal candidates ready for work, and an expert interview process. A great benefit on these two qualities, is providing ideal candidates in a shorter amount of time. Providing the suitable staffing resource, has helped us to build a long-term alliance with our business partners, working hand-in-hand to add value to operational IT department services.


High-demand positions we currently fulfill are: developers, project managers, business/system analysts, testers, business intelligence developers, among others. This has helped our customers reduce operational costs, optimize operational processes, and lower over-capacity burden on complex projects.

We find hidden talent in the industry, reducing liability on the hiring processes, and reaching a comprehensive knowledge of the position profile to fulfill the job needed.

We are eager to help you achieve your needs. You may contact us today for more information.